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The Balanced Knee System from Ortho Development is one nice knee system www.odev.com.  Ortho Development is a small company that you may or may not have heard from but believe me, if you have not heard about them, you will.  They have an excellent primary knee and they will be releasing a revision knee, a primary hip and an articulating spacer mold shortly.  With the addition of those new products Ortho Development will be a formidable competitor.

The Balanced Knee System is designed to restore balance in both flexion/extension and varus/valgus.  The instruments are designed for easy to use and repeatability in the surgeons hands each and every time.  What is your surgical approach preference, open or M.I.S.?  We can accommodate both approaches.


PS and CR options
Porous and non-porous
Deepened trochlear groove to reduce the likelihood of patellofemoral complications
Instrumentation assures proper femoral rotation




Patented locking mechanism
Bone sparing heel design
Porous and nonporous options
94% less micromotion than the industry standard and 88% less than the nearest competitor



Inserts are available in 1mm increments
Patented locking mechanism designed to decrease micromotion, a known cause of polyethylene debris
Precise coupling with the tibial tray requires no impaction




- Equal Flexion and Extension Gaps with restoration of the Joint Line are given Rock Star status by the following instrument and implant designs:

A- Femoral Junction box allows for an A/P translation from 4mm up to 12mm depending upon femoral size. This allows the surgeon to literally dial in the flexion gap during the A/P cut phase of the surgery.

B- common anterior reference between A/P cut blocks- allowing easy up or down sizing of the femur to again achieve proper flexion gap.

C- 1mm inserts thickness to fine tune Flexion and Extension Gaps and achieves balance

D- surgical technique lays out a step by step progression that assures equal and balanced Flexion and Extension gaps.

- easy transition from primary to revision components w/ mix match capabilities of primary and revision implants

- femur and tibia share common fluted and cemented stems

- color coded reamers

- 0 & 5 degree tibia base to match existing anatomy and spare bone

- P/S and Semi Constrained P/S inserts

- wedges, hemi wedges, and hemi blocks

- distal and posterior augments

- unique augment and wedge design equals precise fit each surgery

- all augments and wedges use the patented "Snaploc" and "Spiralock" attachment for easy and secure coupling.





American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS)

Orthopedic Research Society (ORS)


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Last modified: 08/16/10