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What is Superstat®?  Superstat® is a patented, freeze dried, non-cross linked, dissolvable, modified collagen hemostatic sponge containing calcium chloride.  The sponge dissolves while carrying out its hemostatic effect. Superstat® is a sterile, non-pyrogenic, non-antigenic product supplied in 1.5% or 3.0% concentrations.


Superstat® in contact with blood activates the coagulation mechanism.  Clinical evaluation has revealed no evidence of disseminated intra-vascular coagulation or local blood vessel coagulation. Dissolved Superstat® has been shown in vitro to have no effect on activated partial thromboplastin times and has been shown to have no platelet aggregating effects.  Animal studies demonstrate that Superstat® produces no foreign body response when left in situ.


Superstat® is indicated for use when hemostasis is desired along suture lines in diffusely bleeding sites, incisions, dissections and around arterial or venous anastomoses.  It is not intended to replace surgical ligature.  Superstat® is indicated in oozing bleeding, either capillary or venous, in practically all incisions or wounds and as an adjunct to conventional closure techniques.


Superstat® is contraindicated in neurosurgical applications because no investigations on the effect of Superstat® have been carried out to date.  Superstat® is also contraindicated in instances of pumping arterial hemorrhage.


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