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Medical Equipment

The economy is affecting every sector of business.  Everyone is looking for ways to do more with less.  We have a solution, reconditioned equipment.  All of our equipment comes with a one year warrantee and the equipment can be the current model or the previous generation model.  What do you need?  X-Ray equipment, surgical lights, patient beds, surgical tables?  We can provide you with an entire surgery suite of refurbished equipment and your facility will save thousands.  We have contracted with a variety of manufacturers and distributors across the United States which enables us to meet any need for your institution. Send me an e-mail or call with your request.  Financing may be available.


                    Anesthesia Machine                                                                                           Surgical Lights  



        Electrosurgical Units (ESU/Bovie)                                                                                        Patient Monitors  


                                 Ventilators                                                                                           Defibrillators

  Surgical Tables (operating theatre tables)

Surgical Instruments

Do you need to replace or add surgical instruments to your facility?  We have just partnered up with Medicon, one of the manufacturers of the finest surgical instruments made on this planet.  This German based company has over 24,000 high-precision instruments that are made in Germany.  They cover the following specialties: Otorhinolaryngology Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery





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